Virginia Roads - VA 143

An old assembly, courtesy Lou Corsaro, and continuing west through a plethora of one-piece signs in Newport News. Why is VA 143 the hurricane evacuation route to the exclusion of I-64? Is it in anticipation of I-64 being jammed by the rest of the Seven Cities running away? Having been on both in rush hour, I can say that VA 143 jams much more easily and unexpectedly, whereas without cross traffic, I-64 is able to get by once it's past urban development. (I also found that I-64 needs a lot more lanes, but that's unrelated.) I threw in a photo of the high water sign because of the odd choice of Series F font. F is the widest possible font, and a narrower font choice would have allowed "ROAD CLOSED" to be much taller and more readily visible to traffic. The other words are also too small, again a function of poor font choice. Then again, F is seen rarely enough in the wild that it qualifies as a roadgeek curiosity.

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