Virginia Roads - VA 141

VA 141

Don't spend too long trying to figure out what font's on the VA 141 shield (it just looks like stretched Series C), or you'll miss the state-name Interstate to your right and the Downtown Tunnel trailblazer to your left. Blue is my favorite color of failing to cut out an Interstate, well above VA/WI black and RI white.

NB and SB street signs above VA 141's downtown Portsmouth turn, and an old shield on London Blvd. EB. Effingham St. continues north of the intersection unnumbered, but London Blvd. to the east gets downgraded to just a Street once it loses its state highway designation. This is the only actual turn on VA 141, but it curves back on itself to the south before ending at US 17. Meanwhile, VA 337 sneaks in and makes an inside track that's similarly hook-shaped - up Turnpike Rd. and back down Elm Ave., instead of staying on Portsmouth Blvd. and missing out on downtown.

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