Virginia Roads/Non-Roads - VA 136/Alberta

and Alberta

That's the only interesting sign on this short route. But just off this route is tiny downtown Alberta, barely holding on but with a somewhat grander past. So here is that town:

Right away, an extremely rare Tobacco Flues sign that together with the building it's on give you an idea of how long it's been since Alberta was bustling. Now you can literally play stickball in the streets without interruption. Tobacco flues are a way of curing the leaf by drying it on a stick - presumably the sand and gravel were ways to raise the tobacco, not cure it.

Once the Alberta Hardware & Furniture Co., but it's easier to see that this became (or also housed at the same time) Alberta Drug. I don't know what the third business was except it was where the big bargains are (were).

The downtown ex-bank, which did actually hold a bank until fairly recently. Doubt the burglar alarm ever went off though, because it's so easy to miss the town even driving on VA 136 right next to it.

Taking a stroll from there down First Ave. to the west. What, the road ends? 50 feet? Could fool me. I think the sign is required because First Ave. is mysteriously a state highway (secondary route 1406).

Confirmation, although I would argue state maintenance actually ends somewhere before the burrs.

Looking back toward downtown Alberta. Not one car interrupted our ten-minute stay.

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