Virginia Roads - VA 123

VA 123

Lazy 6's and older shields NB in Vienna, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Also from Lou, this monstrosity resides in Tyson's Corner, which has two malls and plenty of other shopping areas. I'm hoping it's one of their faults.

Looking south from VA 123 NB over the Chain of Rocks Bridge right as it ends. Unsurprisingly, there are rocks in the Potomac around here.

SB at VA 267, the Dulles Airport Access Road, with Exit 46 on the Beltway approaching a mile ahead. This style of gantry is also present on the I-66 bridge coming out of DC, and probably dates to the early 1960's. These signs just might be that old, but likely they were replaced once sometime in the 1970's or 1980's.

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