Virginia Roads - VA 114

VA 114

All photos are eastbound.

This looks like a divided highway in progress, but looks can be deceiving. Old VA 114 is on the left and the current road is on the right. At one point, the road was dualized (old road WB, new road EB), but I can't offer proof of that just yet. Keep reading.

Across the New River and the county line. Obviously, the old roadway was closed due to the condition of the bridge. The pavement needs some rehab as well, so it must have been closed for several years. If the new bridge (which looks wide enough for at least three lanes, if not all four) can handle traffic, then why was the road ever dualized? (I assume it was for the army installation along the route, but that in itself doesn't require a dual roadway.)

Climbing the other side of the river, here's proof that VA 114 was once a divided highway here. In the third photo (just after the county sign, you can see the right shoulder stripe of the former WB lanes. Then, obviously, the lanes cross back into their dualized format at the top of the hill, complete with a large, old-spec sign.

This is more of a nitpick, but I'd prefer to at least see "US" instead of "ROUTE", and preferably a destination instead (with an auxiliary shield on top).

East of the ammunition plant, the highway reverts back to a single carriageway - but apparently not for long. Unlike the scene west of and across the river, this is a new roadway being built - or more precisely, the new roadway has been built, traffic is on it, and the old one is being torn up and redone.

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