Virginia Roads - VA 101

VA 101

I'm going to preface the other photos on the page by explaining that it was a rainy day when I was down in Roanoke. This is VA 101 EB, and the only reasonable sign out of the lot (less the "INTERSTATE").

Coming out of the Valley View Mall and heading up Valley View Blvd. NB to VA 101 (the last photo is at the ramp to 101 WB). As much as I'd like to blame the mall for these atrocities, this is Roanoke's current standard. (Note - I'm not complaining about the outlined 101 shields.)

More of the same as I continue onto VA 101 WB. The I-81 shield is particularly unacceptable due to the use of the wrong fonts (there are at least two in play, maybe more), wrong arrow, improper shield and banner sizes, and excessive white space. The non-cutout I-581's are almost nice by comparison.

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