Virginia Roads - VA 10

VA 10

Shortly after beginning, VA 10 EB, really heading southwest, picks up VA 161 on Broad Rock Rd. VA 10 doesn't turn in its signed direction until Chesterfield, and makes it almost to VA 144 in Chester before it's east of where it began for the first time.

WB Richmond-style shield assemblies in Chester. At least the last one is old.

And one from the side street.

Because when they try to use normal shields, it's all wrong. Firstly, something's wrong with the font on the shields. Secondly, the numerals aren't positioned correctly in the shields. Thirdly, VA 145 is an east-west road; maybe these signs are north-south because VA 10 is east-west so someone thought an intersecting road would have to have different directions. And finally, there is no VA 145 to the left. It's a block-long dead end into a parking lot.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, VA 10 EB as US 258 joins it around the Smithfield Bypass, which actually takes US 258 NB southeast until it can join US 17 to cross the James River. Room is left to dualize this highway if ever it should need it or if VDOT gets bored.

I have three problems with this nominally EB (again heading south and slightly west, bad VA 10) Suffolk sign. The obvious one is the awful shield shapes. The less obvious one is the omission of North US 13. Finally, Virginia is abbreviated VA, not Va. Va is a short, meaningless syllable, and if you point out its meaning in any other language, be prepared to explain what "Beach" means in that language.

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