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Entering Richmond, US 60 jumps off of Midlothian Tpk. just before it runs into US 360, and takes Roanoke St. up to Semmes Ave. Richmond has a poor concept of what "to" means, because an exit ramp that goes directly to a road does not get that preposition.

An even more egregious use of "to" on Semmes Ave. WB, because this isn't even a ramp, it's just plain US 60.

For every ugly shield, there is at least one equal and opposite beautiful old shield. Semmes Ave. comes to an end, and US 60 heads onto the Manchester Bridge from here (the last shield is on it).

WB on the Manchester Bridge, looking northwest along the James River. The next crossing is US 1/301.

The equal and opposite green signs to the EB Semmes Ave. ones. Instead of pointing "To 7th St.", which was actually the right turn where US 60 EB went left (not "To"), these just point to "Hull St.", which is parallel US 360 to the south (and thus actually "To"). Now check out how the US 360 shield is somehow a different shape than US 60. Rather than, ya know, make the shield wider, Richmond just filled in the shapely curves on the side to turn them into chipmunk cheeks.

Manchester Bridge looks slightly more interesting from the side with its angled piers, plus it comes with a free skyline when looking northeast.

Coming off the bridge, US 60 turns right onto Cary St. VA 147 used to, briefly, come this way, and it was in that brief window that the sign was fabricated. Or, should I say, refabricated, because the outline of a US shield is bursting through from beneath. Click for a closeup where you can actually make out the faint traces of a "33" on the left and a "60" on the right - please tell me why Richmond didn't just leave the 60 and plaster over the 33? There's a good possibility this started out with outline shields on a white background, but the overlay was done too well to have any proof either way.

Another patched sign and more Richmond black-background unisigns, US 60 WB on S. 8th St., with the last photo at the short end of 8th St. after US 60 bears left toward the Manchester Bridge. There's certainly no such thing as an EAST I-95, but SOUTH to the left and NORTH to the right would certainly be helpful information. Now why are TO and TOLL so narrow in those squat banners, and why do the newer shields look like they were cut out with safety scissors at kindergarten?

The sights of cobbled Cary St., one-way EB, taking US 60 from the east end of VA 147 past James Center to a brief US 360 concurrency on 14th St. to Main St.

Someone had an oopsie at that 14th St./Main St. corner, and found it and fixed it between 2011 and 2012. East 60 turns right to head East with East 360, like a good East route ought. West 60 continues straight off West 360 and stays on Main St. to the left. The only problem here is failing to make a replacement sign - or even just patch WEST / EAST on top, since we've seen Richmond is quite fond of the patch thing.

On VA 199, west of Williamsburg. VA F-137 is about a half-mile east of the western I-64 junction, and the F- stands for frontage road. Usually, the F- routes (and there are also T- for town, and others) are only on little white rectangular signs, not state secondary shields.

US 60 at VA 132, the first two EB, the last one WB. The washed out signs and the blurry signs are all really faded and old - look at the font of the 60 in that last photo. The LGS is also rather old, as evidenced by the arrows with their stubby, tapered tails.

Eastbound in Williamsburg. Lafayette Street leads back to the VA 5/VA 132 junction.

It's not surprising that all of these are in the same city (Newport News, which is just a long flight away from Walla Walla, Washington), even though the last one looks a little different. The double outline is 1960s style in most places, but you never know what you'll find in a Virginia independent city. Oh, and VA 32 is also to the left at US 17/258, but it spends almost its entire life multiplexed with other routes, so it's not important.

US 60 is with I-64 here, but if these Mallory St. (continuation of VA 169) SB signs get messed up this badly, I'm not surprised the contractor didn't even attempt the 60. Photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

These and the photo way up at the top of the page are all in Virginia Beach and courtesy Lou Corsaro, but while the one up there looks like US 60, it seems to have turned into I-60 just before it ends. The proper US 460 shield next to it makes it all the more shameful.

VA 156 and US 60/VA 156

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