Virginia Roads - US 522/340

and 340/522

Turning nine signs into one, and then rotating it, Powhatan SR 1002 NB at the beginning of US 522, courtesy Lou Corsaro. SR 1002 comes from VA 13, which is Old Buckingham Road and begins and ends at US 60, so I have a strong suspicion 1002 used to be part of 522.

I'm inclined to call this an error sign, NB in Goochland with VA 6. The text has nothing to do with courthouses or gooches.

NB in Mineral. VA 22 begins multiplexed with VA 208.

SB through the former train stop of Mineral with VA 208 WB, and beyond.

SB to VA 20. These are all nouns, yes, very good.

Southbound and northbound, respectively, at Orange Rd. in Culpeper (now Business US 15), second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. These are US 522, and VA 3 does begin to the east, but Orange Rd. and the upcoming triplex have nothing to do with US 15. Since those are new shields, there is no excuse for there not to be a BUSINESS above them like there should now be. (Yes, this was US 15 pre-bypass.)

SB at the north side of the triplex. Business routes? What business routes? (15 and 29 both.)

Heading south from Sperryville toward Culpeper. US 522 turns onto Sperryville Pike, and SR 1001 is Main St. Which one of those routes restricts thru trucks, because if it's both, that sign needed to be farther north.

NB at the start of the short US 211 concurrency. 211 leads to Skyline Drive, while US 522 turns right.

SB from that intersection into Sperryville across the Thornton River, with a pedestrian bridge just to the east along what could have been the original alignment of US 211/522.

SB with US 211 WB.

US 340/522 SB at state-named I-66, north of Front Royal, again courtesy Lou Corsaro.

More state-name happiness in the other direction, though I-81 doesn't join in the fun. First and third photos are mine, and the others are Lou's.

These are called distance signs for a reason. Arrows don't tell you distance. If Cedarville is less than a mile north, feel free to use "", or if it's right in front of my nose, just say "Entering Cedarville" and omit it from the distance sign.

Southbound entering Winchester, the cutout fun begins. To see all the rest that this city has to offer, turn to the US 11/50/522 multiplex page (on US 50), linked at bottom.

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