Virginia Roads - US 52

Nighttime newer cutouts NB in Hillsville. By the time I visited in 2013, all of the US 58 shields are wrong because the Hillsville bypass opened in 2011. This is just US 221 now (well, with Business US 58).

More cutouts SB, and there are still more on the US 221 page linked below.

A pretty old shield in the same town, the complement to the southbound one atop this page but photographed much more clearly, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

South of US 58 and heading southbound, also courtesy Lou Corsaro. The "T" is for "Town", so these are Hillsville-designated (and probably maintained) routes, not that I have any way of knowing what they are.

VA 121 SB in Fort Chiswell, which becomes US 52 as it crosses I-81 at Exit 80.

NB from where US 52 leaves I-77/I-81 until it joins VA 42 in Bland. VA 148 is one of those roads (Chances Creek Rd. in Fancy Gap) that VDOT took over just to connect two of their highways and doesn't really warrant a primary number.

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