Virginia Roads - US 501/VA 130

and US 501/VA 130

The first four photos, including the one above, are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

US 501 NB, the shield is old even without VIRGINIA written on it.

Lots of stripes can't disguise the oldness of this 1920's railroad crossing. It matches the shield at top!

SB near Lynchburg, and Lou's last photo.

SB and NB on the Lynchburg business route. There's more on the US 221 page via the big link below.

County line just south of the James River.

Looking west on the James River from US 501.

And east.

On the other side of the river, US 501 multiplexes with VA 130. Here's where it splits up SB.

The Appalachian Trail crosses the James River just northwest of US 501 and an accompanying railroad bridge. The James River Footbridge opened in 2000, and appears to not have been a converted railroad bridge (unlike most footbridges).

Again, looking west on the James River, this time from the trail bridge.

The uninteresting railroad bridge on the east side with a more scenic backdrop. The mountains can make anything beautiful.

The next county line northward (NB, SB, and sideways), still with VA 130.

Standard VA sign.

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