Virginia Roads - US 360 and 360/58

US 360 and US 58/360

All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro through Danville.

US 360 WB where the two routes meet to the east, and a helpful way to tell them apart. VA 360 is an alternate to US 360, actually the old alignment of the US highway but judged too narrow and twisty to keep its designation. Virginia pulled a Delaware here and let the old US highway keep the same number as the current one even though they run parallel and intersect each other - and in this case, they even share the same western end. Did Virginia really run out of numbers?

VA 62 NB coming out of NC, showing that when you let a state and US highway coexist with the same number, you are likely to mistake one for the other. VA 360 stays wholly separate from US 58.

To Danville, the western end of VA 360 and US 360, forming a long loop in a way.

First WB, then EB in the last three photos under the Worsham St. Bridge in Danville. This is what happens when the city doesn't have the money to maintain the bridge properly. It will have to be demolished soon before any more pieces come down.

In the years since 1928, Danville tried patching up the bridge as best it could (see relatively new guiderail) until time finally won. These photos are from the south (Wilson St.) end.

Even Wilson St. itself hasn't been properly maintained in decades.

From Worsham St. SB on the north side of the bridge. The concrete looks better than the cobblestones, but that won't last much longer than 75-cent gas. Worsham St. looks like a former route of Main St., which is VA 360 - in other words, as long as it's still in the air, the bridge is an old alignment of an old alignment of US 360.

The southern end of the bridge has its own plaque, and the use of the concrete barrier implies that this bridge was used for pedestrian traffic some time after it was closed to vehicles. I really can't imagine that setup lasted long.

All my photos, eastbound from Keysville toward Burkeville. In the first photo, apparently the railroad got to put its logo on something resembling an overhead street identifier. The second photo shows the original roadway alignment (WB side) next to the modern one with more cuts, fills, and smoothness. You can see the rest, although the last sign says Nottoway County is a certified business location. I've seen that for towns, but this is the first time for a county. Why not just designate the whole state?

Two more of my photos from Burkeville.

The top and bottom of an ancient assembly on Beaver Bridge Rd., Chesterfield SR 603 NB. It was worth a stop on the Richmond Road Meet, so it's worth a closeup - click on the first photo.

WB on the west side of Richmond.

Commerce Rd. SB is a connector from the Manchester Bridge WB, US 60.

US 60 EB briefly joins US 360 EB on 14th St. in Richmond, and even one block is long enough for an error. For once, they corrected it before I got the error posted on my site, so I show the correction as well: moving the US 360 sign to the top and throwing out the reversed US 60 sign without replacing it. Not the best idea, but Richmond's never been one to follow conventional wisdom, as perhaps the nation's #1 producer of black-background unisigns.

US 250 begins here on Broad St. in Richmond.

Business US 360 in Mechanicsville is really short and right next to the modern highway, but still signed and maintained as a route. It shows off how the old signs lined all the banners up, while new signs eschew arrangement protocol.

Just east of I-295, these were briefly on Bell Creek Rd. NB. There are no Virginia primary highways beginning with a 6, so it should be in a circle.

Some older EB signs, then King William SR 600 NB and SB in Aylett.

Continuing EB, I much prefer the left sign's arrangement to the right one. For one, everything's correct on the left. Also, it has a classic narrow US 360 shield.

On the left and right sides of the road, approaching the split of these two routes.

Right in the middle at the split. 17 goes south, 360 goes west, and H goes hospital.

WB at sunset across the Rappahannock River to Tappahannock. Clearly, the two words are related in some language I don't speak.

EB once more, from Warsaw at Business VA 3 to the two-church town of Heathsville at VA 201.

EB to The Fish. Because The Fish.

US 360 ends at a secondary highway, but it used to continue to the dead end that's now the end of Northumberland SR 644. SR 644 used to end at 360, not vice versa, but it can't both "begin" and turn left.

Turned around and heading back west out of Reedville.

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