Virginia Roads - US 23/58/421

US 23 and US 23/58/421

All photos are northbound.

US 23 faces Clinch Mountain as it heads through Weber City.

Picking up US 58/421, US 23 makes your head spin as the trio head toward Gate City. This isn't the county line or anything special, just way too much information to pick up at driving speed. VDOT helpfully provides a widened shoulder and picnic tables, so I gather the intent is to stop and read at your leisure.

US 421 deserves a wider shield and the distance sign deserves mixed-case not-Clearview.

Looking east at a railroad trestle over Copper Creek as it empties into Clinch River south of Clinchport.

There is definitely no US 871 - in fact, there has never been a US Highway number over 830. This is courtesy Lou Corsaro and looks like it was a normal secondary circle once.

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