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US 220

The first five photos were taken in Martinsville by Chris Lawson and submitted by Adam Prince.

Too many signs spoil the assembly. This should be North Business US 220 or To North US 220. According to Chris Lawson, but I don't believe it, this sign is at US 58 Business. I think it might be at the end of VA 174.

One-piece assembly, matching one found on Business US 58/220.

Church Rd. WB, which used to be VA 57 WB, at US 220 in the center of town. Martinsville erects its own signage, and gets the shield widths very wrong. The one-piece assemblies are cool, though. Extra tidbit on this intersection: VA 57 used to run both ways on W. Fayette St. and Church St. Now, 57 runs with US 220 Business for a little while to US 58 Business, and VA 457 East follows Church. VA 457 West is over on E. Fayette St., but both E. Fayette and Church are two-way.

Two more Martinsville photos from the BUSINESS routes.

The next five photos on this page are courtesy Lou Corsaro and pretty much all southbound.

76 miles, thanks. And I-40 isn't even in the state of Virginia! This is on the Rocky Mount bypass, which could eventually (along with I-581) become part of I-73... if any state other than North Carolina recognizes its existence. VA 40 exits just to the south, hence the sign, although I can't imagine this is too confusing for people expecting another state to appear before exiting.

Why, by golly, Virginia does recognize its existence! Even if both SB and NB (respectively) signs say Future FUTURE Corridor. Now that's planning ahead.

Speaking of VA 40, here it is from US 220 Business NB.

The southern reach of the Martinsville bypass, where US 220 departs from US 58, which continues northeastward to its surface alignment. US 220 Business, old US 220, is to the left, and US 220 currently turns right at the end of this ramp. I-73 would need a new interchange from the bypass, possibly just to the east.

The last photo on this page is my own and northbound in Monterey.

I-581 and US 220
Business US 220 in Roanoke

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