Virginia Roads - US 17, 1/17

US 17 and 1/17

Wow, RIDOT's plague continues to spread unabated, here attacking state-name I-264 shields and making them misshapen. The VA 337 shields just come misprinted - the one on the left is normal, the one on the right is new and ugly. The third image is a closeup of the sign in the background of the second photo. All are NB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Don't let developers design your signs, or you'll get what we have here on VA 135 SB. The arrows are the only parts that possibly meet standards.

US 258 does not look good in a narrow shield. Ahead, US 17 NB joins these other routes NB for a jaunt across the James River. That's on the US 258 page, linked at bottom, and photos continue on the far side.

The next 10 photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro, up through the Gloucester Point bridge.


WB on VA 171, which is four lanes just east of US 17 to VA 134. The first two photos hint that it could be four lanes for a considerable distance more (the third photo is just east of VA 134, and supports that idea), but nothing has really been done about that. The two-lane portion of VA 171 was once all there was, ending at VA 134, so everything divided is basically new. The new VA 171 shield at the intersection is representative of VDOT's horrible misconstruction of the reality of state route signage. It looks like someone blew up the normal shield like a balloon, and it should be blown up like a demolished building.

Somewhere around Yorktown, definitely north of I-64.

Looking at the arrows, I'm pretty sure these signs were installed in the wrong order. That's what Virginia gets for using one-pieces.

Over the bridge to Gloucester Point. That Speed Limit 7 sure gets your attention before the tollbooths.

US 17 SB splits from US 360 WB with matching signs on the left and right and old signs in the gore. "Hospital" is redundantly amusing, as if it's the direction that Route H travels. In fact, I bet all of the signs for Route H lead to the hospital in the end, so carry on.

Now what was I just saying about one-piece signs? This NB one's actually not so bad, just quirky.

SB, ending up at the same intersection. I guess either way, I'm getting a 2-digit width shield.

US 1/17 SB leaving Fredericksburg at I-95 Exit 126, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The right lane is for I-95 South.

Here are four of mine all in a row, NB in the same spot. The assemblies in the first and fourth photos look about the same - I just chose one to show the signs and the other to show the arrangement. US 17 only joins US 1 to get onto I-95, so there's not much else to the duplex. It used to continue with 1 through Fredericksburg.

US 17 now hops on I-95, but Business 17 continues the old route through Fredericksburg. Is this really Historic Route 1... or just Route 1? Other than the brown signs in this immediate area, I think it's the latter.

SB with VA 55 about to leave the old route and bypass Marshall.

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