Virginia Roads - US 1 S. of Fredericksburg/Bus. 460

US 1 south of Fredericksburg and 1/Business US 460

The abandoned gas station sits right on the NC state line, and the house is just north of it at Rough Rd. Imagine how the neon sign looked lit up at night, a beacon to motorists on their interstate journeys.

The signs associated with the gas station and the border. The version of the state shield used in the little white historic signs looks somehow racist, but I can't put my finger on it.

NB just inside the state line, courtesy Lou Corsaro (as is the top photo on this page). I then skip the US 58 duplex toward South Hill (see big link at bottom of the page).

SB at Business US 58, former actual 58, and the beginning of VA 47 in Emporia. Business 58 (West) also goes straight.

NB past some narrow-font shields that appear to be at least a significant minority in this part of Virginia. It's not the norm to have two shields next to each other for the same route that would never be mistaken for identical.

Now have some one-piece NB shield assemblies, which usually ends up making the shields smaller (and, as you see, the directional banners as well).

As of 2003, this is the last known concrete arch bridge left in Virginia, though in 2000 there were many more on US highways. This one's on the southbound side, original US 1 as you can tell from the undulating alignment, at the Dinwiddie/Brunswick county line.

More differences between original (southbound) and dualized (northbound) US 1, north of Warfield in Brunswick Co., courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. Can you tell which is which?

Virginia likes its suicide highways, here in Dinwiddie Co. again courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. This was only restriped a couple of years ago, but the middle lane once allowed passing either way (i.e. attempting to pass was risking suicide, hence the term "suicide lane". Now, it's an alternating passing lane, leaving Colonial Parkway as the only suicide highway in the nation (to my knowledge, anyway).

NB up to Burgess. Sorry for the UFO, that's Petersburg National Battlefield.

More one-piece assemblies on the US 1/Business US 460 NB/EB duplex into Petersburg. Actually, they appear to do better than the standalone assembly with Series E font on the shield (maximum should be D). The fourth photo is obviously on a cross street - VA 226 EB, Cox Rd. Fourth photo is VA 226 EB, Cox Rd. I now skip the US 1/301 concurrency, which you can cut to via the big link at the bottom of the page.

US 1 SB turns left as it enters Richmond and meets the other end of the long US 1/301 concurrency. Second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. These are typical Richmond one-piece assemblies, which have a distinct look from other one-piece assemblies around Virginia because of their font (shorter, thicker numerals). You'll see a lot more if you visit the US 1/301 link at the bottom of the page.

This sign is just north of US 301/VA 2 at a convenient pullout. The little white signs along US 1 trace Civil War history from here north to Washington. I've captured a number of them on my Virginia US 1 pages, so share my journey through the past.

SB at VA 161, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

I didn't say you'd be able to read the fine print, though. These are NB, and the second photo is at Ashcake Rd. in Ashland. There's something funny about the names Ashcake Rd. and Peaks, VA, especially together.

Plenty of history all the way through Ashland (NB).

Plenty more history continuing NB to Nancy Wright(')s Corner. (The U.S. dropped apostrophes from place names a century ago, even where they make sense. How many Nancy Wrights can share the corner?) Virginia is experiencing a renaissance in state-name shields.

SB in Thornburg courtesy Lou Corsaro.

This old inn is at the junction with Arcadia Rd., which may have been old US 1 (back when the inn was worthy of boarders).

More tastes of the Civil War, and I end the page here because I'm getting close to Fredericksburg.

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