Virginia Roads - Culpeper SR 762, old US 15/US 29

SR 762, Culpeper County - former US 15/29

NB and SB at Alanthus Rd. in Brandy Station. This is an abuse of South and North, making it look like only one direction of each route is accessible when the assembly should just be "To {15} {29} (arrow)." The SB signs are also an abuse of vertical text justification.

A somewhat nicer shield for the SB advance to that intersection.

The northern end of SR 762 juts out from SR 663 as a stub of former US 15/29. The sign mounted in the median is intended to discourage through traffic, or maybe encourage knockdowns and replacements. The car parked at the end is disobeying signs and deserves shame.

Someone turned Brandy Station's church into home.

Back south out of the stub, capturing in the first photo the only reason most people would venture onto SR 762 or into Brandy Station at all: Graffiti House. It wasn't open when I was there, but I also didn't know that its name stemmed from being a pre-Civil War house pressed into service as a field hospital, with the resulting graffiti on the walls from hundreds to thousands of patients, blue and gray alike. I may have to return.

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