Virginia Roads - Buchanan SR 610/Future US 460

SR 610, Buchanan County, and future US 460

All photos are from the Pikeville Road Meet on 10/19/13, showcasing construction of Appalachian Development Corridor Q that will eventually carry US 460 into Kentucky when complete.

NB approaching the future Corridor Q overcrossing. That's not a fancy design on the pier, that's a staircase to the top. Now you have an idea of the massive scale of this project and why it's not done even in 2020.

Here are the piers and abutment on the west side of the bridge across the Grassy Creek valley.

South-facing views of the same piers. You could live inside the bridge girder.

Now some views of the eastern piers and abutment, starting on SR 610 SB. The last two photos are top and bottom, since the piers are too tall to fit in a single photo. The upside of living inside the bridge is nice views. The downside is when they seal it off.

Current US 460

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