Virginia Roads - Spout Run Parkway

All photos are southbound.

Just after it begins, Spout Run Pkwy. crosses under the SB side of George Washington Memorial Pkwy., the highway that just spawned it. There's no connection from G. W. Pkwy. SB to Spout Run Pkwy. SB, and in fact no SB connection that stays inside Virginia from VA 123 to US 50, a distance of over five miles. Spout Run Pkwy. would have been a great place to break that up, but the topography of the Potomac River hillside got in the way, along with the neighborhood and Civil War ruins at Fort C.F. Smith Park just to the west.

A little scenery before the road ends. I prefer Series C to Series D, do you? Spout Run Pkwy. was constructed in the late 1940s and survived the proposal for I-266, which would have left I-66 and joined an expanded, denaturalized Spout Run Pkwy. to a new Potomac River bridge, tying into the west end of the Whitehurst Freeway. When you're sitting in traffic on the Key Bridge, thank Robert Moses for sparking freeway revolts that spread across the country.

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