Virginia Roads - Monument Ave. Richmond

Monument Avenue, Richmond

Staples Mill Rd. SB, the continuation of US 33 past US 250. What is T, and why is it on Monument Ave.? If this is a truck route, there are many better ways to sign it, including not putting a sign directly above the "no trucks" sign for through traffic.

EB, the only ramp in this interchange.

Let's have some monuments on Monument Ave. Heading east, the statue of Arthur Ashe withholding cake from children is at Roseneath Rd. and everyone holding up the world is at Belmont Ave. (The latter is actually the "Pathfinder of the Seas" monument to Matthew Fontaine Maury, a Confederate oceanographer, so he was situated on the east, ocean-facing side of the monument.) Ashe's is the only modern monument, dating to 1996, while Maury's 1929 statue is the second-newest.

VA 161 SB and NB at the Stonewall Jackson monument in the median of Monument Ave., pointed north for attempted conquest and eventual defeat by the Union. This is the third-newest of the six monuments along the avenue, dating to 1919. I'm surprised there are only six for such a long street. Of note is that all but Ashe's are of Confederate figures.

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