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Somehow, a shield blank was outlined one way and colored in the other. Guess it's hard when the shield blank is vertically symmetrical but the shield design isn't. And what's that font? Don't recall seeing upside-down "g"'s in the MUTCD... and a bit of well placed art could turn this into VA 611. Both courtesy H.B. Elkins.

Another shield failure, one even the NJDOT wouldn't lay claim to (reference to the black background), at Hampton Roads Pkwy.

VA 186 immediately crosses the Meherrin River upon entering the state from North Carolina.

Travelers on VA 218 EB have a world of option when it ends.

VA usually doesn't sign 4-digit secondary routes in circle shields. This one was on VA 199 west of Williamsburg, on the two-lane portion of VA 199 being upgraded between two freeway sections, so those signs aren't standing anymore in all likelihood.

First: VA Secondary 649 NB, Annandale Rd. in Falls Church. Not terribly exciting, except it's non-reflective. Second: Clarendon Blvd. in Arlington, back when it was still part of the District of Columbia. Third: More of the similar, Ft. Myer Drive SB past US 29.

Accomack SR 679 comes to the state line WB and makes a left to avoid crossing it. MD 12 exists from here north. Well, according to this sign, it's VA SR 12 instead. At least it's not in Arial or Helvetica.

Looking, well, obviously the wrong way, at an old sign on South 8th St. in Richmond from Canal St.

There is no wrong way to look at this old sign in Harry's Grill in Hendersonville, NC. For all I know, you can still find one of these in a VA park.

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