Virginia Roads - I-85

The SB Lake Gaston bridge is original, at least in 2012, although the NB bridge was fairly newly replaced, so SB could have been next. The presence of "X" crossovers on both sides of the lake furthers my suspicion, though those would also prove useful in the event of an accident closing one of the spans.

One-piece assemblies are how VDOT stands out from the crowd. And prevents any sign from being reused anywhere else if needed. These are at the end of the NB Exit 4 ramp.

VDOT is also big on separating exit tabs from the rest of the sign. But no state agency should have a policy of making the direction that small on a freeway sign.

Usually, a cutout US route shield outside California is a mistake that belonged on a BGS. Since these have black outlines, I'm not as sure. I'd like to see more of these. Courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Only in the South.

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