Virginia Roads - I-664


All photos are southbound.

I-664 is the west side of the Hampton Roads Beltway, and I-64 is the east side, so it makes sense that one can act as a detour for the other. This shield would fit a 664, too.

This reminds me of the old (pre-Depp, classic, inimitable) Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World. You're floating along a nice, calm Interstate, seeing the cute scenery on either side, when suddenly there's a huge THING in front of you that is about to eat you. (The Indiana Jones ride was similar, but less floaty.) This gigantic 1970's plastic spaceship is clearly bent on taking over the Navy and using it to control the world.

Oh, it's just the facility building over the entrance to the tunnel part of the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel (MMMBT or 3MBT among locals). Having a tunnel avoids the need for an impressively tall and long bridge to clear naval traffic in and out of the port. The Navy strongly prefers to have nothing potentially in the way between its ports and the ocean.

Continuing through the tunnel and out the other side, which has a plastic spaceship of its own. The rest of the bridge takes a bend and continues low to the water, since there's no need to provide an additional outlet.

More wide shields - or is the narrow one the overhead error?

More narrow shields, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The ones at Exit 13A are abominable, as are all of the font sizes and spacings. Seriously, that looks like it was arranged by hand at a miniscule scale. Maybe by a robot hand, whose controller had far too much coffee that morning. Something was on the Exit 15B BGS, but I don't know what it ever may have been - perhaps VA 44 (the former toll road to Virginia Beach, now part of I-264). Note that I-64 has no direction here, because of the loopiness of the Beltway.

Exit 8B to US 17
Exit 13A to US 13, US 58, or US 460
Exit 15A to I-264
Exit 15B to I-64
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