Virginia Roads - I-64

Late night scenery entering the state from West Virginia. The first photo includes Big and Little House Mountains.

I-64 EB/I-81 NB (using 81's exit numbers).

Narrow WB shields old and new.

SR 637 NB and (last photo) SB at Exit 114.

Narrow EB shields old and... well, the US 15 shield isn't that new, and it would be narrow anyway, but in that case it's the rest of the sign that's showing its age.

The next eleven photos are either westbound or intersecting.

Leaving I-95 in Richmond, a non-standard gore sign.

If the snappy USE __ LANE(s) look brand new, it's because they are. Sometime in June 2004, the SB I-295 exit was restriped for two lanes. Still, the signage above is correct; both lanes go right, and a new one grows out of the left lane to take traffic southward/US 60-ward. VA 895 is another new development, a toll freeway connecting I-295 and I-95 just north of the I-85 junction and south of Richmond, intended to encourage traffic from 85 to avoid Richmond. It would have been I-895 but for the toll.

Not your typical EXIT ONLY marking. There seem to be a lot of lane drops on this page. VA 199 WB is a partial freeway bypass around the south side of Williamsburg, with pieces of the two-lane being filled in to freeway, at least as of summer 2004.

The green patch over the EXIT ONLY may be temporary or permanent, it doesn't matter. NASA's got a cool shield is the point.

Mallory St. SB at I-64 Exit 268, with two different and wrong styles of non-cutout shields, courtesy Lou Corsaro. US 60 also deserves a mention here, coming across the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel with I-64 and not leaving until Exit 267.

The beginnings of I-564 and I-664 in the naval hub of Norfolk. Virginia's style is to have detached exit tabs. The shield gives away that around Norfolk, I-64 is not so much EAST/WEST as INNER/OUTER, since it curves around backwards on the south side of Portsmouth and Chesapeake before the EB side ends facing westward.

The Outer Loop is signed WB near where it leaves Norfolk, to help guide people toward the rest of the country. The EB side has no such reassurance, and is just Inner the whole way.

On the Inner Loop (once EB) before the RIDOT shield you just saw, wouldn't just one shield do? Actually, it wouldn't. The Virginia Beach Expressway was VA 44 while it was tolled. I-264 was extended east in 1999, after the tolls were removed in 1995.

I-64 Inner ends at a three-way junction with I-264 and I-664. WB traffic is likely going to be heading to 664, either to head north out of Chesapeake and up to the rest of I-64 the back way (since the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel often backs up) or southwest on US 13/US 58/US 460.

I-95 and I-64/95

Into West Virginia on I-64
Exit 94 to US 340
Exit 107 or 124 to US 250
Exit 136 to US 15
Exit 186 to I-195
Onto I-295
To US 60
Exit 242 to Colonial Parkway
Exit 264 to I-664
Exit 276B to I-564
Exit 276C to VA 165
Exit 276C to US 460
Exit 277 to VA 168
To US 13
Exit 284A to I-264
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