Virginia Roads - I-581/US 220

I-581 (and US 220)

Somehow, the non-cutout VA state route shields look a lot prettier than the non-cutout Interstate shield, even if it does have VIRGINIA on it. Maybe it's the ridiculous amount of white space, or the non-standard supplementary banners, but this is how Roanoke thinks things are done. Taken by Weill Casey and courtesy Lou Corsaro.

I-581/US 220 SB (581 is entirely designated over 220). Exit 4E leads to the Roanoke Civic Center, but it looks like a pixellated Space Invader. I don't mind logos, but please explain it (using, oh, WORDS) to anyone who doesn't work for the place. Exit 5 has "SOUTH / SOUTH BUS" patched over something, although the freeway was certainly always US 220. Could this really just have been an exit for US 11? If so, what's the deal with the 220? I could believe 11/221 (notice how neither US 221 nor VA 116 are signed from here, which they should be), in which case the entire sign might be a patch job. Why not make a new sign?

US 220 alone

Exit 4 to US 460
Exit 5 to US 11
Exit 5 to Business US 220
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