Virginia Roads - I-495

Capital Beltway

Because it's a Beltway, I-495 is signed Inner and Outer, but it still gives cardinal directions as much as they're relevant. This northbound is on the inner loop, as you can see, but after I-495 meets I-95, it becomes northbound on the outer loop to match its parent. I-495's exit numbers start at the Maryland line on the Wilson Bridge, continue counterclockwise into Maryland, and end at the I-95 Springfield Interchange (where I-95's exit numbers pick up for the rest of the ride into Maryland).

The Dulles Toll Road is a straight connector to and past IAD, while the free road is still freeway but has local exits, and ends in the airport. There was recently a Dulles Greenway extension that took the tollway westward to VA 7/US 15 in Leesburg. This photo is northbound (Inner).

Now southbound/outer, again demonstrating how Virginia mounts its exit tabs distinctively separate from the main sign.

I-495 is getting widened all the way from the Potomac River around the west side of the Beltway so a pair of HOV lanes (really HOT, allowing single riders as well if they pay a toll) can be squeezed into the median. These photos look north from a rail trail just north of I-66. Tell me, does that look like a state-name shield in the second photo? For more HOT lane construction photos, see the page linked below.

Continue east on I-495/I-95
I-95/495 HOT lane construction

Into Maryland on I-495
Exit 45 to VA 267
Exit 47 to VA 7
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