Virginia Roads - I-395


I-395 was supposed to be I-95 through Washington, DC. Since it was completely built in Virginia, go head over to the DC page to read about it (link at bottom).

The complete and updated (now with reversible HOV lanes) I-395 Shirley Memorial Highway NB. I-95 is the Shirley Highway south of the Beltway for obvious reasons.

The only oldish signage I could find in Virginia.

As much of the Pentagon as I want to show on a public website. Or the best view I could get from the highway, which passes quite close to it.

In the HOV lanes NB and then in the regular lanes NB, approaching Washington and its monuments.

The first Virginia exit from the center HOV lanes SB is thusly labeled. Notice that it's I-395 1, but no matter how hard you try, you can't notice the US shield outline because none was provided. Why is it designed as regulatory? Also, you can continue in these lanes to I-395, so no aspect of this sign ever made sense.

Into DC on I-395
Notice US 1
I-395 on Steve Anderson's
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