Virginia Roads - I-/VA 195

I-195 and VA 195

I-195 is the free part of the route through Richmond, here spawning unmarked VA 76 on the tolled Powhite Pkwy. There is one free exit before the toll, at least. Black arrows on yellow background is a scheme only supposed to be used for EXIT ONLY.

Although the road has turned east-west, and although there is no free exit before the toll, I-195 SB does not end until the Meadow St. overpass, I guess because Meadow St. is the first exit beyond the toll. However, your last chance to get on or off I-195 for free is back at McCloy St., which is the end of the link between VA 76 and short VA 146. Given these facts, extend VA 146 eastward across the Downtown Expressway and kill off the 195 number from that point.

Original toll signage from the Cumberland St./Cherry St. onramp to VA 195 WB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Original signage on Canal St. WB, next to VA 195 WB in downtown Richmond.

More original signage on the ramp to VA 195 WB, which probably once just said "bicycles." Wait, define "self-propelled." If it's capable of moving without interaction, how do you blame a human for it? If it just means "not directly human-powered," well, by that definition, cars are self-propelled machinery. I look forward to an empty roadway as I hang-glide my way through downtown.

Your going-away present is the overhead sign as 12th St. turns into a WB onramp at Canal St.

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