Virginia Roads - Bus. US 250/VA 20

Business US 250, Charlottesville (and VA 20)

EB and WB on the west side of town.

Thankfully, the bus turned onto 14th St. away from the low railroad bridge across Main St. I may or may not be on Business US 250 WB here. I know that Main St. EB is Bus. US 250 EB, but the WB side may be on Preston Ave. here, returning to University Ave. via Grady Ave. to Rugby Rd. The problem is that Charlottesville is an independent city and signs the route along both sets of roads, so the "official" VDOT routing is obscured. To make matters worse, Virginia's GIS shows three separate US 250s: the bypass on US 29, the business route, and a regular 250 that parallels it. At least VDOT thinks I'm on Business 250 here.

George Roger Clark, whose Revolutionary War exploits helped secure the Northwest Territory for the new USA, stands at Jefferson Park Ave.

The Volvo's owner says it's an antique, but I would dispute that. The enamel street sign by First Baptist Church says nothing, but is antique anyway.

The Lewis & Clark statue sits in the EB Main St. gore at Ridge St.

SB at that intersection on Ridge McIntire Rd., the road that was built to connect Ridge St. with McIntire Rd. and possibly carries Bus. US 250 WB.

Market St. WB, which VDOT's shapefiles say is US 250, with Business US 250 following High St. There is no sign on Market St. EB where it splits with High St., nor any other signs on either of these streets, so... close enough.

Whichever street it follows, Bus. US 250 ends up following VA 20 on the east side of town. The first sign is at High St., and there's one other sign at the other end of High St. telling traffic to turn right onto Market St., so we'll call that the WB route.

WB (VA 20 SB) at Locust Ave., a sharp corner onto a narrow road. I guess if you're not a truck, it doesn't matter how many axles you have?

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