Virginia Roads - Bus. US 220

in Roanoke

All photos on this page are courtesy Lou Corsaro; the one above was taken by Weill Casey.

These two multiplexed routes break up after a long affair that dragged in more than one other route in downtown Roanoke. To see a few photos of that, click on the big link below to US 221.

Roanoke, being an independent city, gets to maintain its own state routes, leaving a whole bunch of 1960's/early 1970's-era shields for the photographing.

After having dallied with its parent route once before, Business US 220 ends here, or more precisely the US 220 freeway ends here and returns US 220 back to its surface alignment, which Business US 220 has been keeping warm. One must still turn left up ahead at this modified diamond (with one extra loop ramp) to continue south on 220, but upon doing so one has turned from Franklin Road onto Franklin Road. Don't dig that non-cutout shield.

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