Virginia Roads - Bus. US 211/Bus. US 15 Warrenton

Business US 211 and Business US 15/211, Warrenton

All photos are westbound.

Diagonal St. is aptly named, as it cuts a diagonal across the route traced by Business US 211 through downtown. It's just a bit too narrow to be designated part of the route. Business US 15/211 takes on the name Alexandria Pike, which turns into a dead-end but points straight toward the continuation of US 15/29 toward that very city. Yes, that is how the routes originally came into the city.

The Fauquier (County) General District Courthouse is another reason to keep Business US 211 where it is now, as this is a quite impressive greeting for WB travelers. Then, in front, Business US 15 SB leaves at a location where I have seen that a VA 211 shield once resided. Not cool, replacing errors before I can see them.

So wait, Business US 17 is left, Business US 29 is right, and regular... no, no, something's all wrong here. Put the Business banners on top and we're fine. But I think Warrenton intended to have the US 17 shield above the US 29 shield on the left, and got distracted by lining up the two "29"s, because mainline US 17 came through Warrenton until fairly recently instead of following the US 15/29 bypass.

This is as correct as Warrenton's going to get (as an independent city, they're responsible for their own signage), because even the brand-new signs don't acknowledge that US 17 now has a business route.

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