Virginia Roads - Bus. US 17/Bus. US 29 Warrenton

Business US 17 and Business US 17/29, Warrenton

All photos are southbound.

Business US 17 sucks in a big breath and prepares to join a complicated-looking concurrency. I appreciate the narrow shields (all are of the old US highway shape, which had the curves knocked out in 1970), but I don't appreciate the lack of "SOUTH" banners - especially on the first assembly.

Warrenton, if your new signs look like that, just keep the old signs around. At least those have US shields. Oh, and I know US 17 used to come this way until fairly recently, but not so recently that your new Virginia error shield shouldn't at least have a BUSINESS above it.

The southern exit from downtown, Culpeper St. SB. Warrenton seems to hate paying for auxiliary signs.

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