Virginia Roads - Bus. US 15 Culpeper/Bus. US 29/US 522

Business , Culpeper and
Business US 15/Business US 29/US 522

I'd just do whatever the sign says so no one gets hurt. This is SB at US 29, where Business US 15 runs seamlessly into regular US 15, as if they were once the same route and there was no modern bypass.

Let's make this clear right up front: Culpeper has a lot of cutouts, and none of them involve the word "Business." Culpeper apparently refuses to believe a bypass ever happened. These are on Orange Rd. NB, where Business US 15 joins US 522 on the south side of Culpeper and VA 3 magically begins to the southeast. The one atop the page is EB (US 522 SB) at this intersection.

Orange Rd. SB, which may once have been US 15 and/or US 522, but is now nothing at all. It still makes a shorter trip than following those routes, though. Culpeper is one of Virginia's independent cities, and thus maintains (or in this case, leaves in place) its own signage.

Business US 15/US 522 NB are ready to join Business US 29 to head downtown, and you can see that Culpeper hasn't even gotten the "Business" idea on its newer shields. They did manage to replace the crusty green sign, so this version is courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Culpeper gets wronger the harder you look. Not only is "Business" still missing (see, when I said "none of them" in my second caption, I meant it), but VA 3 is not left at the next signal, as it begins somewhat farther east at Orange Rd. The next signal is very much "TO" VA 3, though. Also, Virginia usually does multiple-shield signs with a black background, not white. These are SB with Business US 29 continuing straight. The last two photos are the top and bottom of the same sign assembly.

This monument sits in the gore between the three routes of Culpeper and their northern junction with Orange Rd.

Through downtown until US 522 breaks off, leaving the unbannered Business routes together to meet their parents. US 522 is obviously a newer addition to the party, or else it would have its own cutout on the US 15/29 pole.

Once more, US 15/29 Business, not regular. The misshapen VA 229 shield clues you in that Culpeper put this up.

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