Virginia Roads - Bus. US 1/17, Fredericksburg

and Business US 1/17, Fredericksburg

The beginning of the route SB from US 1 at Amaret St., also secretly with Business US 17.

VA 3 used to follow William St. straight through Fredericksburg into Kings Highway. When William became one way EB, Amelia St. took over WB duties. VA 3 moved to a southerly bypass, but this one SB shield didn't get the message. The overhead at William St. did, though. Not shown here is that VA 2 silently begins at this point in downtown, instead of at US 17 where Business US 17 begins.

This is the southern end of the one-way pair through downtown. Business US 1/17 and VA 2 SB turn right here, although only one of the three is signed. (Business 1 gets sole billing most of the way through the city.) Turning left takes you back up the NB side on Caroline St, so the shield is actually accurate even though you're already on Business US 1.

NB at Charles St. and Princess Anne St. in downtown Fredericksburg. So which one is VA 2 and US 17? Actually, only one of the five signs is right. This is Business 1, not regular 1, and you can tell the sign is new enough to get that right. As for the others, the S uth shields are both wrong, because while Charles St. is a shortcut to head south, it's not an actual route. (Everything is city-maintained, so I can't call them state highways.) Princess Anne St. is indeed the beginning of VA 2, the continuation of half of the one-way pair that carries US 1 Business to the north. But it's US 17 Business, not regular 17, that follows 2 to the south (and Business 1 to the north). Of course, Business 1 was once regular 1, but long ago.

Kenmore Ave. EB, by the SB shield atop this page, can't get anything right. While VA 2 does indeed only go south, Business US 17 (former mainline as well) goes both directions. And Lafayette Blvd. is Business 1 and 1 only.

One of the worst casualties of a non-cutout policy, NB at Kenmore Ave. (which leads to VA 3) courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Giving up and heading south to VA 3, where the assemblies get it right.

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