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US 50

All photos are courtesy Michael Summa and were taken in the 1970's-80's. Most of US 50 is either multiplexed with US 6 or with I-70 (from Exit 54 eastward); visit the big link at bottom to see more.

The two US routes break apart (eastbound) for a rare breath of fresh air for US 50. Unique Junction LBS (little black sign) taken in 1983.

US 50 EB, west of Salina in 1986. US 89 south of here is now UT 24, as US 89 was realigned to take US 50 to I-70 Exit 54, where the two routes head opposite ways. I-70 was first completed between Salina and Green River, but apparently didn't get built along the US 89 corridor for some time. I don't know if TEMP I-70 shields were left over, or if they were still applicable as late as 1986. With the advent of historic aerial imagery online, the latter conjecture is demonstrated to be likely.

East of Green River, missing an I-70 shield, taken in 1980. The route through Green River is now UT 19, and US 6/50 are on I-70.

East of Green River, this time eastbound, and taken in 1984. I believe I-70 had not yet been built bypassing Green River, though it may have been under construction. This would explain why US 6/50 needed to be signed TO I-70 through the area, and why despite this now being a diamond interchange, JCT I-70 has an arrow only pointing in one direction. Dig the vintage yellow yield sign.

Welcome to Utah. Your road will now turn to dirt. This was on old US 6/50 heading west from Colorado. Unfortunately, I lost the year for this photo. It may be 1984, based on the photo I have on the Colorado page.

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