Utah Roads - I-84 and 84/15


All photos on this page are courtesy Doug Kerr, except for two. To make it easy, they come right at the beginning of the first section.
I-84 and I-15

I-15/I-84 SB/EB at the end of their multiplex, courtesy Chris Pangilinan; Cheyenne should have a WY on it.

I can't put my finger on it, but something's wrong here, and I'm not looking at the orange sign. Maybe it's the too-wide shield, or maybe it's that the arrow should be in the EXIT ONLY legend. Southbound/eastbound.

I-15 NB/I-84 WB in Ogden, taken in 1983 by Michael Summa. Creative use of exit tabs is unfortunately not MUTCD-compliant, because a left tab is reserved for a left exit.

I'm an exit... just searching for a number... be mine? Southbound, and the remaining photos are all northbound.

Where else but in the Beehive State would you find Bear River and Honeyville? Think about it.... Minor complaint: the "EXIT 372" should be in the center of the exit tab - or make the exit tab smaller so that the text is centered where it is.

Sometime between these two signs, the Business Loops disappeared. They used to separate in the middle of Tremonton, but now I guess they just have no Business being there. (It's late at night, I get to be funny.)

Finally, after nearly 40 miles, I-84 goes on its way. The first sign is really done terribly - the exit tab should be above, not within the sign, the I-15 leg is completely stuck on, both legs have three lanes instead of two, the WEST and the I-84 shield are pushed into the corner, there's too much green space between I-15 North and its destination... oh, and did I mention the overhead gantry is a bit overblown for just one sign? Things are still strange at the split, where after all this time misleading you into thinking exit numbers are following I-15, the main Interstate then takes the exit for itself that was supposed to be given to I-84. The arrow below the I-15 shield is a little small for a major Interstate divergence, but really, fix the EXIT 379 to point left, and then worry about the standalone shield.
I-84 alone

Devil's Slide, near Croydon, off the eastbound side of the highway and easily viewable from a pulloff. I don't see what's so devilish about it - it looks like fun with a giant stone toboggan.

Twisty mountain road seems to carve up the hillside, but really the hillside is being carved - this is a mine, according to aerial photos.

Interesting use of exit tab, and very crowded sign.

Before we're quite done with I-84, Doug Kerr swears these spikes on the north side of the highway have no name. If you ask me, the Devil stopped sliding when he discovered these pipes - Devil's Hash?

All too soon, and in too strange a manner with a one-piece sign, I-84 ends, not to reappear for thousands of miles until Pennsylvania. Head east, young man.
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