Utah Roads - I-70

All photos are courtesy Michael Summa and were taken in the 1970's-80's.

Facing north at the Cove Fort exit, Exit 1. The newer shields in 1984 still have the state name, but you can see that won't last.

1983, first EB distance sign.

The 1-mile advance was taken in 1986, and the exit sign in 1983, eastbound at what is now Exit 89 (and, as you can see, by 1986 Utah was planning to finish numbering exits). UT 10 is now signed to Castle Dale and Price. UT 10 west of here was taken over by UT 72 and UT 76 to Exit 85, and by I-70 west of there. Notice the contrast of old-style beehive to new-style; the BGS shield was refined to look a lot more like the standalone shields.

East of UT 10, as far as UT 24 below, I-70 was originally a Super-2 due to light traffic, until the FHWA decided that Interstates all needed to be divided. Thus the two-lane road through this valley was a bona-fide Interstate. This location, according to Michael, is the San Rafael Reef. Photo taken, facing eastward, in 1986.

Same area (current Exit 136), eastbound before a big descent into Wolf Canyon. Dig the black-letter button copy.

Taken EB in 1983, this is now Exit 147. The shields atop this page are from UT 24 north at this exit, and I believe date from 1980 (possibly 83).

A landslide hit Thistle in 1983, closing US 6 and requiring a detour probably involving I-15. That's how large distances get in Utah. This was I-70 EB, now Exit 156, and the covered shield may have been a new US 191 shield (the route began the year before).

The next exit east, 158, in 1980. US 6 and US 50 were soon put back on I-70, creating UT 19 though Green River. The length of UT 19 is Business I-70 as well. Until 2003, Green River was divided in two counties, one in which most people live and one in which most businesses draw revenue. This creates problems. Thanks to Daniel Stober's (former?) Utah Highways website for this information.

This was on I-70 WB in 1980. The year is interesting for two reasons. First, US 191 was added to the route in 1982, and now has become the only route signed from the highway (and many times, US 163 hides elsewhere as well, because once it splits from US 191 again it loses its US status). Second, this became Exit 180, to match mileposts, except in 2004 mileposts were recalibrated, and this should in fact be Exit 182, as it was originally.

US 191 North, not West, gloms on to the triplex already present here, at the above exit. It takes US 6 with it when it leaves at Exit 156. Taken in 1984.

I-70 WB, 1984, now Exit 202. Cisco was eventually added as a destination to this exit; it's missing here because one would use the prior exit, 212, to get to that town.

Eastbound, same spot, same year.

Since I-70 begins in Utah and heads east, guess which direction this is facing. Also guess what year it was taken - 1984 is my best guess.

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