Utah Roads - I-15

All photos until the breakline are courtesy Michael Summa and were taken in the 1970's-80's. For example, the shield atop this page dates from 1986.

U-130 is old US 91 through Cedar City, but then strikes northward on its own course. This was taken in 1986 on I-15 NB. On newer signs, Milford has been replaced by Enoch. Note that other old BGS shields have white backgrounds, but this has a silver "Scotchlite" (according to Michael) background.

I-15 NB approaching the Cedar City exits, 1986. The three routes have exits in the opposite order. Of note is that U-130 is not now signed to Cedar City from any exit northbound, even though it passes right through the middle of it.

All Michael knows is that this was taken in 1986, south of I-70. My guess from maps is this was one of the Business I-15 Loops, either in Cedar City or Parowan, heading south.

Northbound, somewhere on I-15, presumably south of I-70 based on the photo progression, taken in 1986.

You... you... Stinky Poopy Brian Head! Looks like Brian let so much success get to his head, it's now a major destination. Or, northbound in 1986, the only button-copy Business Loop shield Michael ever saw on a BGS.

I think this is northbound, based on the photo progression of what Michael sent me, but all I know for certain is this was taken in 1986 as well.

SB, this exit is for U-160 on one end of Beaver in 1986. U-160, old US 91 (which I-15 replaced) through the town, probably didn't exist yet when the sign was manufactured (and it's possible that US 91 still did).

Now Exit 132, the beginning of I-70 in 1983. Michael says he noted the shield backgrounds were black, not blue, on this sign, but I can't verify or deny that from this photo.

I-15 SB, at what is now Exit 158, taken in 1983 before exit numbers swarmed all over Utah's BGS's.

I-80 and I-15 share a brief multiplex in Salt Lake City, and this is the northern end of it, taken in 1976.
The remaining photos, all north of Michael's, are courtesy Doug Kerr.

A carpool shield lurks in the heart of Salt Lake City.

Too much tiny writing, from "3 lanes" to the entire I-215 shield, and including the Exit 312 tab along the way. These signs smack of being made by different contractors - the borders are different between the two right BGS's.

Up north of Salt Lake City in Ogden, the salt air must be getting to people's heads. The shields should be right under their directions, not justified to the sides, and then the "TO" should be clearly between the two routes - US 89 TO I-84, not both of them to South Ogden. I-84 doesn't come by until Exit 340, and U-26 (Exit 339) can complete the missing move up there, but using US 89 lets you cut across the east side of Hill Air Force Base, at the expense of traffic lights and lower speeds.

North of the I-84 duplex (photos via the link below), some of the wide expanse of Utah with a wide expanse of blue on the shield and a wide expanse between the shield and its directional banner.

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