Texas Roads - US 66/Business I-40, Vega

and Business I-40 in Vega

All photos are eastbound.

Halfway between Adrian and Vega. Got Parts?

The road magically goes from two lanes with a passing zone to four lanes right at the town limits, typical of classic highway design.

Remnants of old US 66 through town.

West of Wildorado, Oldham CR 47 crosses over, from right to left, I-40 and its south frontage road, old US 66 (I-40's north frontage road), and a former railroad alignment to the left, for a total of six spans (there's one empty between old 66 and the old railroad). CR 47 also happens to be at I-40 Mile 47, which is because the panhandle uses a modified grid that starts at the NM state line. (The rest of the state uses the westernmost point beyond El Paso as the grid beginning.) That, and I-40 is really straight, having no reason not to be.

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