Texas Roads - US 60/66/Business I-40 Amarillo

US 60, 60/former US 66/Business I-40 in Amarillo

Tex Randall, a.k.a. "Big Texan," the largest cowboy you'll ever see. At 47 feet tall and 7 tons, he can even give Paul Bunyan a run for his money (oxen are cattle, so that makes Paul a cowboy thanks to Babe). He was born in 1959 at the corner of US 60/87 and TX 217 in Canyon.

I never get tired of Texas' wide shields. The first photo is US 60 EB/US 87 NB near where they join I-27 in Canyon, and the last two are US 60 WB/US 87 SB nearing the US 287 junction on the south side of Amarillo and the beginning of I-27. (Why is the gateway to Center City at the point where you leave it on the freeway?) From cowboys to shields, everything's bigger in Texas.

Also, everything's Clearview in Texas. This is EB leaving US 287 NB in Amarillo. (US 60 WB is joined with US 87 SB, but US 60 EB is joined with US 287 NB. That leaves US 87 NB and US 287 SB unpaired. However, 87 and 287 meet again on the north side of town for a second multiplex. It just adds more roads for TxDOT to maintain.)

All EB on US 60/Business I-40/old US 66. Thanks to old 66, there is a bunch of cool stuff to see.

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