Texas Roads - US 287

US 287

US 287 SB rejoins US 60 WB/US 87 SB on the south side of Amarillo, only to leave again just as quickly. The only saving grace among these new signs is the Texas peculiarity of using wide shields for all Interstates. They just have to be bigger all the time.

Remaining photos on this page were taken by Michael Summa in 1984.

Curiously, this "exit" on Loop 335 on the north side of Amarillo isn't an exit at all, but a diamond interchange coming off of a freeway - i.e. intersecting 335 at grade. Even if the freeway hadn't been open yet, old 87/287 still intersects at grade.

FM 1913 westbound where it turns magically into TX 354, showcasing an older shield.

I believe this is on US 281/287 southbound, the Central Freeway entering Wichita Falls, just south of the western end of I-44.

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