Texas Roads - US 66 - Devil's Rope/Route 66 Museum, McLean

Former US 66: Devil's Rope/Route 66 Museum, McLean

New historical signs on the outside of the museum, but at least they're road signs. (The same type is used throughout the state.)

This original reflector with several intact cats'-eyes came from the New Mexico side of Glenrio, but at least it was on US 66.

I make no claims as to the order of these signs by age, since all are in relatively good condition and show different styles and technologies.

I don't normally photograph license plates, but where are you going to find the tag shape anymore?

Saving what many consider the best for last, an authentic US 66 shield on the wall. It's not any sort of antique, but it absolutely was posted along the route, something most signs for auction claim but cannot defend.

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