Texas Roads - US 66/Loop 271, Alanreed

, Alanreed

I left the reference marker in the photo above. It reads "358," but Loop 271 and old US 66 are certainly nowhere near that many miles long. Rather, reference markers are based on an absolute grid across Texas, so a route doesn't begin at 0 unless it starts right at the border. (Actually, it would then begin at "010." Don't ask.)

Heading west from I-40 Exit 132 on the west side of Alanreed until the road ends (or at least the pavement), and looking north at a miniature canyon with I-40 in the background. This stretch of old 66 is not traversable, so I turned around at this convenient point.

Farm Roads are just as much highways as other classifications of state routes, so multiplexes are legitimate. (They don't reset numbers across county lines, either, unlike many states' secondary systems.) Can you spot the error in the second photo? Do you know which way old US 66 heads?

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