Texas Roads - I-27/US 60

I-27 and 27/US 60

SB and NB frontage road assemblies, one minus a US 60 shield. Both have the state name on the I- shield, which is quite rare in Texas, but somehow I think there was a switcheroo on the NB directional banners.

TX 217 EB and WB at I-27 Exit 106. Maybe the state name isn't as rare as I thought - though the other shields at this interchange lack it.

Texas uses too much Clearview, a typeface that's not supposed to appear in negative contrast (dark on light). It also has started to use wide shields for every Interstate highway. While this is a lot better than "bubble" shields that stretch the regular width for a wide shield and allows Series E (the widest FHWA font), it's just not right. Where are the state-name shields now?

They're up at Exit 119A-B on Western St. NB and SB. Gee, all I have to do is say how rare they are. Well, hey, embossed cats-eye signs are really rare, you know, everywhere.

SB at the beginning of the route (Exit 123) as the separate streets carrying US 287 and US 60/87 come together. (For whatever reason, Amarillo has two sets of parallel one-way streets (so four total, two per direction), and they divide the three US highways among them through the city. US 60/87/287 rejoin on both sides. Why would TxDOT want to maintain added road mileage for no reason?)

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