Texas Roads - US 66/Business I-40, Glenrio

Former US 66 and Business I-40 in Glenrio

"CR A" is New Mexico's border route in Quay County. Yet at the same time, Texas signage is up just inches away. Also, Business Loop 40 is technically in error, because there's no completion of the loop in NM. It should be a "Spur" shield.

All on the north (WB) side of the road in Glenrio. If not for the handful of people still living here, I might have said "in what was once Glenrio."

Business I-40 returns back to its parent, and old US 66 EB dies into I-40 right at the 1-mile Road Ends sign. In fact, the road turns right and goes that mile-plus before ending, but none of that is old 66. It's clear that I-40's EB lanes are the old road here.

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