Texas Roads

Above: Courtesy Michael Summa, US 80 WB in 1984.

Old US 66
~ Business I-40, Glenrio
~ Business I-40, Adrian
~ Business I-40, Vega
~ TX Loop 279, Amarillo
~ US 60/Business I-40, Amarillo
~ Business I-40, Groom
~ TX Loop 271 and Alanreed
~ Devil's Rope/Route 66 Museum, McLean
~ Lela
~ TX Spur 556/Business I-40, Shamrock
~ TX Spur 30

US 54/I-110
US 59
US 60
US 62
Business US 67, Sulphur Springs
Old US 67/TX Spur 302
US 71
US 82
US 287
US 380
Old US 380, Brazos River
TX Park Road 5
TX Spur 30
TX 77
TX Loop 271, Alanreed
TX Loop 279, Amarillo
TX Loop 288, Denton
TX Loop 335, Amarillo
TX Loop 375, El Paso
TX Spur 556/Business I-40, Shamrock

Farm-Market 258, El Paso Co.
Texas Viaduct, Texarkana

Misc. Photos
Texas Non-Roads

FM 249 NB at FM 74 in Bloomburg, just east of Arkansas (the town), courtesy Michael Summa in 1978. It has always puzzled me why Texas used the cool state outline shields for the less important (but admittedly more numerous) Farm-to-Market and Ranch-to-Market Roads.

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