Tennessee Roads - US 51

US 51

All photos on US 51 are southbound.

The freeway part of the I-69 corridor barely lasts 1/10 mile in TN before ending at the US 45W/45E split. This sign is actually just past there, where TN 214 splits from US 51/45W onto the original 2-lane alignment of the Ken-Tenn Highway.

The sign maker got carried away. Kentucky has but one "n."

Except for US 45/TN 22, the bypass around Union City is all at-grade intersections and driveways.

TN 22 is mostly north-south until Union City, but the road heading west from here heads, well, west. Ultimately, it does reach the KY state line, at the famous river bend where part of Kentucky is cut off by Missouri due to the definitions of the three states' boundaries. TN 22 is that one access road to get there, if you like geographic anomalies. However, all you'll find is a cemetery and a couple of farms along a dirt road.

The freeway has been going again for several miles by the time I-155 begins in Dyersburg where US 51 leaves and TN 20 begins (not shown, off the exit). I won't acknowledge the made-up route number also shown here.

Looking east at the stub abutments that one day will give rise to an I-269 overpass (planned Memphis outer beltway), but for now is the northern end of TN 385.

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