Tasmania Roads - NH 1 - S. of Launceston

NH 1 south of Launceston

All photos are southbound.

C402 crosses Jinglers Creek south of Youngstown, spitting distance from NH 1. The Kerry Lodge/Strathroy Bridge was built in 1835 and later became NH 1 for a number of years before being bypassed by the bridge I'm taking these photos from.

The Keep Left signs are on their way out as NH 1 gets passing lanes added near Powranna.

Into Campbell Town, which should become Campbelltown someday, 135 km from Hobart. Tassie appears to enjoy putting attractions in shields.

I didn't do a good job with the SB photo, so I took the NB side of this one for you.

Ahead is The Red Bridge over the Elizabeth River in Campbell Town. To my left is a pedestrian bridge, since the old Red Bridge was built for pedestrians and therefore can't fit both them and vehicles safely. Oh, and weird tree sculptures all around. Normally I'd tell you more about the bridge, but just wait.

Here's some useful information for you, including the use of miles back in 1838. Jvly, it was. A chilly bvt beavtifvl month.

A better view of the pedestrian bridge.

Old signs, old alignment, then looking back north over my shoulder at an old NB milepost and... apparently down there, JCN is used instead of JCT. Okay.

Crossing the River Derwent (a lot of British habit here, putting the word River first) on the 1946 Bridgewater Bridge. This is an "opening bridge," which others would call a drawbridge. Mt. Faulkner looms ahead.

From there, looking east and west (at Mt. Dromedary) along the River Derwent.

The Howard Rd. roundabout in Goodwood is now a traffic signal, so everything about this sign is gone.

Under B36 to the end of the road. Australia generally uses Highway Gothic font, so the weird 6's that look like 8's if you squint stand out. B68 should not be in parentheses, as it is generally not the practice in Australia to put more than the destination in parentheses when it's not on the highway referenced on the sign.

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