Tasmania Roads - NH 1 - NW of Launceston

NH 1 northwest of Launceston

All photos are southeastbound.

Starting off in South Burnie at the old Emu River bridge, now NB only.

The last two photos are both at roundabouts. Not a fan of a down arrow in that circumstance.

Old and oldest. Unfortunately November is not the season for penguin sports in Australia, so I had nothing to see. What are penguin sports, you ask? Well, it's complex. (Penguin is a town, by the way.)

A new railway bridge takes shape across the Forth River.

I believe the listed clearances are for the signs themselves, making this a most unusual signing practice. You know, if you didn't put them up there, you wouldn't have to list clearances.

Does every attraction need its own route shield? Or, perhaps... can this happen everywhere?

By Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm, and 60 km to Launceston.

I get that you have choices here. I get that you need some way to distinguish them. This is not quite the way.

Just past B12.

Approaching Launceston, NH 1 turns into a Super 2 for a bit before becoming a full 4-lane freeway. These overpasses at B54 (first 2 photos) and C507 are built out for an eventual widening westward.

All throughout my pages, I've been fond of saying "you can't junction the route you're already on." Well, I've gone and done it. I'm on NH 1, and I'm junctioning NH 1. QLD may be the queen of duplicating route numbers when it comes to Australia, but TAS is unique in having the same route go multiple directions - not just that, but a full interchange with itself. As I noted on the main page, I'd much rather see some other number assigned to the Launceston spur, and just put it in a NH shield. Maybe call it NH 8, since this spur of NH 1 becomes A8 in downtown. You can only make things less confusing, not more. And when you do that, Transport Tasmania, please replace the signs outright with ones that use proper alignment and capitalization instead of patching these.

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