Tasmania Roads - Duck Reach

Duck Reach, Launceston

Walking west through Cataract Gorge to the south tower of the unnamed Duck Reach Power Station suspension bridge. That's the station across the river. The station dates to 1895, and there's no other convenient way to get there, so I assume the bridge does as well - at least this part of it.

Okay, let's head across toward the old power plant.

Looking west along the South Esk River, then north at the power station. The access to the power plant has an arch bridge of its own.

A look back toward the south shore.

Walking east from the cliffs atop the north shore until I get back down to the bridge. You can see the northern abutment looks considerably different than the south one. The bridge was washed away in the 1929 flood along the South Esk River, and then again in 1969. After that second one - which still left the original south tower - Launceston understandably didn't want to restore it a second time for a power plant no longer in operation. However, once the forces of establishing a museum at the old station won over the city, the bridge was rebuilt and reopened on its centennial in 1995.

Instead of walking back across, why not click on this video and let me do the walking? Enjoy the dulcet tones of Another Day Dawns.

Duck Reach Power Station

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